About Aqua Trust Pure

Aqua Trust Pure is fast growing and reliable water purifier brand in India in the field of water treatment and filtration industry. Today, Aqua Trust Pure Water Filter is proud of its reputation for supplying one of the effective filtration systems available in the market.

Aqua Trust Pure was established with the prime objective of providing services to all those who need assistance in the field of water purification at an affordable cost. Deteriorating health standards mainly due to water problems in the country was the key motivating force for the establishment of this company.

The first product introduced in the market was the domestic water filter. The popularity and effectiveness of domestic filters motivated us towards development in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Our quality control personal ensure highest degree of quality, its implementation, monitoring and control. Aqua Trust Pure has become synonymous with quality and health.

Our Mission

Dedicated to protect & Preserve life of families and businesses, from water borne diseases caused by contamination of chemical & Industrial toxics.

Our Vision

Aqua Trust Pure Water Filter envisions improving our planetary resources, particularly water consumption that addresses primary value and concern of a healthy society

Code of Conduct

Aqua Trust Pure Water Filter is dedicated to promoting the highest principles of honesty, integrity, fair dealing and professionalism in the water quality improvement.

It is equally dedicated to preserving the consuming public's right to quality water. This Code sets standards of conduct for our staff in dealings with customers, and the public at large.